Trade Services

Offering public sector-quality networking and business matching services from the private sector.

Your supply chain is a complex machine that requires a special handling approach and finding good suppliers and sources for your materials is a job that Interworld takes seriously.

We’re eager to connect you with valued partners to enhance the success of all parties.

Interworld Freight was founded by a businessman with a strong personal network in Colombia and has only expanded to cover all of Central and South America. Our multiple offices throughout the regions, our active participation in trade associations and boards of directors in nearly every country has created a network of Interworld and partner offices that deliver incomparable access, local knowledge and speed-to-market opportunities that our competition cannot match.

We fully understand that despite common geographic borders, Latin America is unlike Europe or the United States. Each country represents its own culture, language, politics and most importantly, economy. Interworld Freight knows this and understands that a good relationship or stable network of distributors or customers in one country does mean equal success in a neighbor country – or countries. Trust our decades of experience and local leadership who hail from these leading countries to provide solutions that are tailored by country to your specific needs.





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