Interworld Freight is a logistics company whose mission of success for our customers and our employees is driven by our faith, our sense of purpose and our goal of making the world a better place. Our friendships – and partnerships – span the entire globe and by looking at each relationship with a customer, a vendor or an agent partner as one that can be grown and expanded over time, Interworld Freight is focused on a longer-term outcome of growth and expansion rather than short-term profitability at the risk of ruining what the future could hold.


Founded in 1992 (the year Hurricane Andrew struck Miami), Interworld Freight quickly established our status as a key player to South America when we were nominated to handle the cargo for a major, California-based consumer electronics company to Brazil.

Over time, the company has expanded our footprint to include operations in Colombia, Guatemala, Chile and the Dominican Republic. Our most recent branch location is Panama, opened in 2020 in the face of the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Our growth has come from cargo owners and fellow global agents alike. A founding member of the World Cargo Alliance in 1999 and 2000, we hosted the meetings in our Miami offices. Today, the WCA is the largest global network of independent freight forwarders.

Interworld Freight today is the largest American-owned NVOCC by containers and tonnage on the southbound trade lane. We are the sole offerer of scheduled, weekly air and sea consolidations to many key Latin American markets making us a reliable and stable supply chain partner for companies in the US and around the world.

Today, Interworld Freight is focused on expanding our market share in many key verticals including chemicals, building materials, telecom, non-perishable dairy products, consumer electronics, mining, tile and plywood. We are especially keen on our pharma and medical equipment business. Prior to the pandemic we moved active ingredients from around the world to manufacturers throughout South America.

During the pandemic, we have been moving significant volumes of PPE to countries desperately needing supplies for both the private sector and their public health authorities and front-line medical workers.



Everything we do, and the way we do it, is governed by the values ​​and principles listed below. These are the pillars on which the culture of our company is built. These are the fundamental truths that transcend department and position. Individually, and as a team, we are committed to upholding these values ​​and principles, as they are the essence of what InterWorld Freight is today and what it will be like in the future.

Our people:
"We enrich the lives of
our people"

Respect, courtesy and professionalism are part of our organizational climate that allows us to function in agreement and with a high sense of belonging. We are proactive in our communication and we seek alignment as a team. We work as a team and we collaborate generously with each other, as it is the only way to conquer new challenges.

We are customer centric:
"Our Clients are at the center
of everything we do."

We have passion for what we do
To transport the success of our clients around the world, is our passion. We proactively seek to exceed expectations to add value and generate a great experience. We build lasting relationships with clients and suppliers, we are their advisors and we take care of them.

"We do the right thing even
when no one is looking"

At each stage of the process, our management is transparent, without the risk of incurring in improper practices. We act with humility, which allows us to clearly connect with clients, suppliers, collaborators and the community.

"To move forward is
the only option"

Our sense of commitment and responsibility invites us to always find the right solutions. We insist, resist and persist as long as the client and employees achieve the best part during the process. We are practical, disciplined, persevering, responsible and dedicated. We have the jersey on and we always go above and beyond to achieve extraordinary results. We are each an Ambassador of Interworld.

Continuous Learning:
"Act in the face of change"

We adapt to change to evolve and grow, we understand the business and we want to respond by exceeding expectations. We are diligent when receiving and preparing new information. We operate with an open mind and a desire to learn. We work with a "partner mindset" in everything we do. We challenge the “Status Quo”

"Find the solution and
make it better"

Our intention is to go the extra mile, grow and produce results. We are enthusiastic, creative and resourceful. We operate with a “Yes We Can” attitude. We are proactive in identifying problems and solving them quickly.


Interworld’s family has always been focused on the needs of others first. In the early 2010’s, Interworld opened our Dominican Republic office following a mission trip by John Crespo where he saw a chance for us to help children. Since then, our efforts have focused on feeding and educating children in extreme poverty.