Interworld Freight would like to inform our customers, shippers and allies; in regard to the forwarders liability when a cargo is being subject to loss, Damage, or Delays and customers or shippers do not insure the cargo.

If Loss, Damage or Delays happen when cargo is under the control of the Agent or a third-party handler outside the carrier, the claim is subject to the agents limits of liability if cargo is not ensure.

The forwarding agent is responsible of the cargo if he is the handling party. When cargo is booked with a carrier and delivered clean and on time to that carrier (Air or Sea), any Loss, Damage, or Delay claims must be submitted against the carrier under the relevant International Conventions and their Trading Conditions, not the Forwarding Agent.

The value that by law in the United States, a Carrier or forwarding agents company will honor to pay for a cargo that is not insured when lost, damaged or delayed is that of: $0.10 us¢/Lb., and a maximum of $ 500.00 usd. On the other hand, when cargo is insured, the customer or shipper will receive 90% of the cargos value. this means that an insured cargo with 450 lbs. and value of $25,000 usd, in case of loss, damaged or delayed, it receives $22,500 usd, on the other hand, if the cargo lacks insurance, the customer receives $45 usd as compensation.

Shippers and customers expect full financial responsibility when a logistics issue occurs, but the agent’s liability is minimum compared to the complete value of the cargo when it is required to pay, if the forwarder is at fault. If the customer does not insure the goods, he is at the mercy of the limits of liabilities of the proven defaulting agent.

Cargo Insurance is not just commercial service; it is a way to protect our customer and its business and it is the best way to keep completely satisfied client in any of the above-mentioned cases of Loss, Damage, or Delay claims.

Interworld Freight is committed to provide you excellence in service. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager.